Berlin film festival 2024 submission

The Berlin International Film Festival, also known as the Berlinale, is a renowned event that celebrates cinema from around the world. Regrettably, the submission window for the 2024 festival has closed, and no further film entries are being accepted. Filmmakers were required to submit their films and completed entry forms online before the specified deadline. The festival exclusively considers entries for which selection screeners were submitted within the designated timeframe.

Here’s an outline of the submission criteria for the various sections of the Berlinale:

What is berlin international film festival
What is berlin international film festival
  1. Competition: Films must have a duration of at least 60 minutes and must premiere internationally (with a preference for world premieres). Awards in this category include the Golden Bear, Silver Bears, and others.
  2. Encounters: This section shares similar requirements with the Competition category, focusing on unconventional films.
  3. Berlinale Shorts: Films must not exceed 30 minutes in length and should have international premieres.
  4. Panorama: Entries should be at least 60 minutes long and must have a European premiere. Various awards are presented in this section.
  5. Forum: Films should have a European premiere and a runtime of at least 60 minutes. Awards include the GWFF Best First Feature Award and more.
  6. Generation: Films aimed at young audiences, with varying lengths and premiere statuses.
  7. Berlinale Classics: This section is dedicated to retrospective and homage programs; films are not submitted for consideration.
  8. Berlinale Special and Forum Expanded: Additional information about these programs can be found in their respective section profiles.

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What is berlin international film festival

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