Dressing Like a Gentleman (or a Coach): A Guide to Colin Farrell’s Style in The Gentlemen

Colin Farrell outfits the gentlemen

Colin Farrell portrays Coach in the movie The Gentlemen.

The first, and most iconic, is a tracksuit. This isn’t your average gym wear though. It’s a custom-made brown, purple, and yellow quilted tracksuit with a tartan pattern near the jacket’s shoulder seams . The jacket features a Lonsdale logo and zips up the front. The pants match the jacket and have a cream knitted Hammond & Co. polo shirt and white socks completing the look.

The second outfit is a much more sophisticated look. He wears a blue checkered suit with a dark truffle colored shirt and a brown fedora hat . The shirt has a button closure and raglan sleeves. The fedora is made out of wool and has a water-repellent finish.

Colin Farrell outfits the gentlemen
Colin Farrell outfits the gentlemen

Colin Farrell the gentlemen tracksuit

  • Colin Farrell’s character Coach in The Gentlemen rocks a unique tracksuit.
  • Forget gym wear! This is a custom-made masterpiece.
  • Color combo: Brown, purple, and yellow quilting with a tartan shoulder accent.
  • Jacket features a Lonsdale logo and zips up for a classic look.
  • Matching pants complete the set.
  • To finish it off, Coach wears a cream Hammond & Co. polo and white socks.
  • This iconic outfit has become so popular, replicas are available online (but be prepared to pay a premium).

Colin Farrell outfit the gentlemen

Absolutely! Here’s a breakdown of Colin Farrell’s outfits in The Gentlemen with a table:

Colin Farrell’s Outfits in The Gentlemen

Tracksuit* Custom-made * Brown, purple, and yellow quilted fabric * Tartan pattern near jacket shoulder seams * Lonsdale logo on jacket * Zip-up front closure * Matching pants
Shirt* Cream knitted Hammond & Co. polo shirt
Socks* White socks
Dressy* Blue checkered suit * Dark truffle colored shirt * Brown fedora hat (wool, water-repellent)
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