What is Kohli & Anushka’s ‘akaay’ name?

Congratulations are flowing in as Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli announce the birth of their second child, a baby boy. They already have a daughter named Vamika.

Anushka and Virat shared the news on social media, revealing that they named their son ‘Akaay’. The name ‘Akaay’ is interpreted as ‘body-less’ or ‘निराकार’ in Sanskrit, indicating a spiritual significance.

Derived from the Hindi word ‘kaya’, meaning ‘body’, ‘Akaay’ suggests someone beyond physical form or with a deeper spiritual essence. It holds various interpretations across cultures, such as symbolizing fire on a funeral pyre or a shining moon in Turkish.

Following the announcement, fans, as well as individuals from the film and cricket industries, flooded the comments with congratulatory messages.

virat kohli and anushka sharma baby name
virat kohli and anushka sharma baby name

What is virat kohli daughter birth date

15th Febuary 2024

What is virat kohli and anushka sharma baby name ?

Name of Sun of Virat and anushka is akaay and her daughter name is Vamika Kohli

Virat kohli age wife 2nd baby

Age of Virat Kohli is 35 and his wife age is 35 and her first baby date of birth is 11 January 2021


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