Saltburn Extubation Scene

“Saltburn” is a film that falls within the genres of black comedy and psychological drama. The plot centers around a character named Oliver Quick and his intricate emotions and fixations, particularly in his relationship with someone named Felix.

Within the movie, there are impactful scenes that are essential for grasping Oliver’s character. For example, there’s a bathtub scene illustrating Oliver’s intense desire and passion for Felix, providing insight into the depth of his obsession. Another unsettling scene occurs at a grave, symbolizing Oliver’s grief and profound preoccupation following Felix’s death.

Saltburn Extubation Scene

Despite their unsettling nature, these scenes are pivotal in shaping Oliver’s character and fueling discussions about the film. The shock value contributes to the film’s distinctiveness and originality, making it a widely discussed movie since its release.

Emerald Fennell, known for her work on “Promising Young Woman,” directs a cast featuring notable actors such as Barry Keoghan, Jacob Elordi, Rosamund Pike, Richard E. Grant, Alison Oliver, Archie Madekwe, and Carey Mulligan. “Saltburn” premiered on November 17, 2023.

What happens in Saltburn ?

The unexpected conclusion of “Saltburn” reveals why Oliver Quick is so focused on Felix Catton and the opulent Saltburn estate. Ollie (portrayed by Barry Keoghan) starts off as a lonely outsider at Oxford University but forms an unlikely friendship with the lively Felix (played by Jacob Elordi) and his affluent friends. Captivated by Felix’s carefree lifestyle and his knack for effortlessly achieving his desires, Ollie comes up with a plan to win Felix over. This plan unfolds entirely at the end of Emerald Fennell’s captivating and dark film.

Saltburn Extubation Scene
Saltburn Extubation Scene

“Saltburn” is Fennell’s second directorial work, following her recognition for the 2020 film “Promising Young Woman,” which starred Carey Mulligan. The storyline of “Saltburn” draws parallels with the 1999 film “The Talented Mr. Ripley,” where Matt Damon’s character, Tom Ripley, becomes infatuated with the luxurious lifestyle of Jude Law’s character, Dickie Greenleaf. Ultimately, “Saltburn” evolves into a disconcerting narrative about a person behaving like a parasite.

What Happens in Saltburn’s Ending

The tension in Saltburn builds up towards its dramatic conclusion after Felix’s sudden death, initially believed to be due to a mistake or overdose. James and Elspeth try to maintain their formal lives despite their son’s passing, while Farleigh and Venetia struggle to keep their composure. Felix’s body is taken away, and the Catton family practically disowns Farleigh when Ollie reveals he had been involved with a lot of cocaine at Ollie’s significant birthday party the night before.

Later, Venetia is discovered in a Saltburn bathtub filled with her own blood. James, distressed and bewildered by the successive deaths of his two children and the estrangement of his symbolic third child Farleigh, pays Ollie to leave Saltburn permanently. Ollie appears to lead a luxurious life with the money he receives until he comes across James’ obituary in the newspaper nearly two decades later. The narrative, set in the mid-2000s, shifts to the present day when Ollie “randomly” encounters Elspeth at a cafe, gets invited back to Saltburn, and swiftly causes her demise to inherit the Saltburn estate.

Why is Saltburn’s bathtub scene important ?

In the movie “Saltburn,” the intense scenes aren’t just meant to shock the audience; they are crucial for the story. A significant moment takes place in a bathtub, where Oliver, the main character, does something surprising. He drinks the water that Felix used for a bath, showing the extent of Oliver’s feelings and concern for Felix. This depiction helps us understand Oliver’s deep emotions and love for Felix. These scenes aren’t included just for the sake of being shocking; instead, they play a crucial role in advancing the storyline.

What does Keoghan say about Saltburn’s bathtub scene ?

The bathtub scene in Saltburn is notably surprising and widely discussed. In this scene, Barry Keoghan, portraying Oliver, drinks the bathwater previously used by Jacob Elordi’s character, Felix. According to production designer Suzie Davies, Keoghan actually consumed a mixture of yogurt, milk, and water during the scene, performing four takes with different slurping sounds.
Keoghan clarified that the scene portrays Oliver’s intense emotions and yearning for Felix. He stressed that he approached the character without passing judgment on his actions, stating, “You can’t judge that. You have to go in and do it. It’s a moment where he gives in to his feelings. He’s been holding back for so long, and he just can’t take it anymore.” Keoghan also commended director Emerald Fennell for her creative vision, labeling her a genius, and applauding her courage in pushing artistic boundaries.

What did Saltburn’s shocking scenes mean for Oliver?

Saltburn is a film that explores the theme of intense desire evolving into an unhealthy obsession and how this fixation can result in negative outcomes. The main character, Oliver, is fixated on Felix, a wealthy and attractive individual, and is willing to go to great lengths to either be with him or emulate him. The surprising scenes in the movie, such as the one in the bathtub, the blood-drinking, and the murder, depict Oliver’s strong and distorted passion for Felix. They showcase the extent to which he is willing to go to fulfill his desires, losing sight of moral boundaries and his own identity in the process. According to the director, Emerald Fennell, these intense scenes are crafted to challenge the audience, encouraging them to contemplate their own desires and limitations. She clarified, “I wanted to create something that really makes people think and pushes them to the edge of what they can handle.”

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