3 Underrated Horror Movies you Should need to watch in February

For horror fans, it can be a struggle to find quality films on streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and others. While Shudder focuses on horror, subscribers to larger services like Amazon Prime might have difficulty discovering hidden gems in the horror genre.

Amazon Prime Video has a decent collection, even though horror titles might not be prominently featured. Here are three underrated horror movies worth exploring if you enjoy the genre:

  1. Smile (2022):
3 Underrated Horror Movies you Should need to watch in February
  • This film follows a psychiatrist haunted by people seemingly smiling at her. As she tries to break the curse, she confronts past traumas. What makes “Smile” stand out is its unwavering commitment to turning something as innocent as a smile into something genuinely chilling.
  1. We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011):
  • A dark and unsettling film, it explores the relationship between a mother and her sociopathic son. Without typical jump scares, it delves into the fear of being terrified by one’s own child. The compelling performances by Ezra Miller and Tilda Swinton make it a captivating watch.
  1. Lamb (2021):
  • This A24 horror film introduces a bizarre yet somewhat entertaining twist. It follows a couple who discovers a half-human, half-lamb creature in their barn and decides to raise it. However, the plot takes a dark turn when they realize sinister forces in the nearby woods want to reclaim their unusual child. “Lamb” ventures into the quirkier side of horror, and if you’re open to its premise, it delivers unsettling twists before the credits roll.

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