Amrit Bharat Express: Making Train Travel Better

Exciting News: PM Modi to Start Two Amrit Bharat Express Trains

In a big step to improve train travel, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch not one, but two Amrit Bharat Express trains. These trains are often called the common man’s Vande Bharat Express, and they bring in a new era of comfortable and accessible rail journeys.

Better Technology: Making Trains Faster

The Amrit Bharat Express trains will use something called push-pull technology to make them go faster. Union Minister for Railways Ashwini Vaishnaw shared this news, saying it will make the journey quicker and more comfortable for everyone on board.

Where the Trains Go

These new trains will run on two important routes, connecting key places in the country. One route goes from Darbhanga to Delhi, passing through Ayodhya and linking Bihar to the national capital. The other route connects Malda in West Bengal to Bengaluru, providing better connectivity between these regions.

Coaches Designed for Your Comfort

Each Amrit Bharat Express will have 22 coaches and 2 locomotives to make the journey comfortable and spacious. There are 12 sleeper coaches, 8 coaches for those without reserved seats, and even two special coaches just for luggage. This means the trains can carry up to 1,800 passengers.

How Fast and What Powers the Train

The Amrit Bharat Express can go as fast as 130 kmph, but due to factors like track conditions, it’s expected to run at around 110 kmph. It uses two modified WAP-5 locomotives to ensure a balance of efficiency and speed for a smooth journey.

What’s Inside the Train

Although it doesn’t have air conditioning, the Vande Sadharan Express (another name for Amrit Bharat Express) doesn’t compromise on comfort. It includes sealed walkways between coaches, CCTV cameras, sensor-based taps, electric outlets, bio-vacuum toilets, LED lights, modern switches, fans, and a passenger information system. Every seat even has a mobile charging port for your convenience.

Some Things Not Included

To make the travel experience more straightforward, the Amrit Bharat Express skips automatic closing doors and onboard catering. This helps focus on the essential facilities and avoids unnecessary extras.

Wrapping It Up

The launch of two Amrit Bharat Express trains and a new Vande Bharat Express marks a significant improvement in India’s railway network. Prime Minister Modi’s effort shows a commitment to making travel easier and connecting different parts of the country. As these trains start their journeys from the revamped Ayodhya Dham Railway Station, a new chapter begins in India’s railway history.

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