Ayodhya Airport Inauguration: Connecting Dreams to Reality

In a historic event slated for Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is all set to inaugurate the Ayodhya Airport in Uttar Pradesh, ushering in a new era of development for the region.

In a historic event slated for Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is all set to inaugurate the Ayodhya Airport in Uttar Pradesh, ushering in a new era of development for the region. Named after the revered sage poet Maharishi Valmiki, the Shri Ram International Airport stands as a testament to the government’s dedication to modernizing transportation hubs.

What You Need to Know About Ayodhya Airport

  1. Perfect Location: Conveniently situated just 15 km from the heart of Ayodhya city, the airport ensures easy access for both travelers and locals.
  2. Impressive Terminal: The terminal building, spanning 6500 sq m, is designed to accommodate approximately 10 lakh passengers annually, promising a seamless travel experience.
  3. Green and Sustainable: Ayodhya Airport is committed to sustainability with features like insulated roofing, LED lighting, rainwater harvesting, fountains, a water treatment plant, sewage treatment plant, and a solar power plant. These efforts have earned the airport an impressive GRIHA 5-star rating.
  4. Longer Runway: The airport boasts an extended runway suitable for A-321/B-737 type aircraft operations, ensuring flexibility and efficiency in air travel.
  5. Operational Kick-off: IndiGo, a well-known player in the aviation sector, is expected to operate the inaugural flight from Delhi Airport to Ayodhya. Commercial services are scheduled to commence from January 6, marking a new era of connectivity for Ayodhya.

Beyond the Airport: PM Modi’s Vision Unveiled

Beyond the airport inauguration, Prime Minister Modi will lay the foundation stone for a greenfield township in Ayodhya, signifying comprehensive development in the region with an investment exceeding ₹2180 crore. This holistic approach extends to the rail sector with the inauguration of the first-ever Amrit Bharat Express in Ayodhya, showcasing the government’s commitment to enhancing rail connectivity.

Ayodhya Airport Inauguration: Connecting Dreams to Reality

Railway Projects Dedication: Boosting Infrastructure Worth ₹2300 Crore

PM Modi’s visit includes the dedication of three crucial railway projects with a combined investment of ₹2300 crore:

  1. Rooma Chakeri-Chanderi Third Line Project: Enhancing rail connectivity and capacity in the region.
  2. Jaunpur-Ayodhya-Barabanki Doubling Project: Upgrading key sections to accommodate growing transportation needs.
  3. Malhaur-Daliganj Doubling and Electrification Project: Aiming at modernizing and electrifying the railway network.

Comprehensive Development Initiatives

The Prime Minister’s agenda encompasses various infrastructure projects, including the Lucknow-Ayodhya section of NH-28 (new NH-27), modification of the existing Ayodhya bypass, the establishment of the CIPET centre, and the construction of offices for the Municipal Corporation Ayodhya. These initiatives underscore the government’s commitment to holistic development, addressing various facets of connectivity, transportation, and civic amenities.

Conclusion: Ayodhya’s Leap into Progress

As the Ayodhya Airport takes center stage in its inauguration, the event symbolizes more than just the unveiling of a transportation hub. It signifies a broader vision of comprehensive development, connectivity, and sustainability. PM Modi’s multi-faceted approach, encompassing aviation, railways, and infrastructure, positions Ayodhya on the map as a hub of progress.

How big is Ayodhya airpot ?

The Ayodhya airpot is built over 6500 square metres.

Will Ayodhya airpot bring a boost to local economy ?

yes , it is expected that the airpot will not only boost regional development but also honor the rich cultural heritage associated with lord ram

Will Ayodhya airpot inauguration be a historic day?

yes inaugeration of ayodhya airpot by pm modi is expected to be a historic day for india

Will Ayodhya airpot be influenced by Ram temple design ?

yes shri ram international airpot will be feature modern conveniences influenced by ram mandir

Ayodhya airpot location ?

Ayodhya district

Who is the architect of Ayodhya airpot

Vipul Varshney is the architect of ayodhya airpot

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