Biden Cruises to Win in Nevada Primary on Path to Nomination

President Biden secured a significant victory in the Nevada Democratic primary, marking his second triumph in just four days, following a strong performance in South Carolina. The Associated Press swiftly declared Biden the winner after the polls closed, solidifying his frontrunner status with minimal opposition.

Expressing gratitude, Biden stated, “I want to thank the voters of Nevada for their support, both in my partnership with Kamala Harris four years ago and for propelling us further on that same path tonight.”

Similar to the situation in South Carolina, Biden was the sole candidate actively campaigning in Nevada. His visit to Las Vegas on Sunday served a dual purpose – rallying support for the primary and initiating the general-election campaign in a state anticipated to be a pivotal battleground.

Dean Phillips, a less conventional candidate from Minnesota, did not appear on the ballot as he entered the race after Nevada’s deadline. Despite the lack of competitiveness in the primary, Nevada’s general elections typically prove closely contested. Biden, who narrowly secured the state in 2020, requires robust backing from the concentrated Hispanic voter base, many of whom are employed in Las Vegas’s entertainment and hospitality sectors.

Highlighting the significance of Nevada’s primary in supporting voters of color and cultivating diverse coalitions within the Democratic Party, Jaime Harrison, the Democratic National Committee chairman, emphasized its importance.

Biden’s substantial victory in Nevada reflects the state’s shift from caucuses to a presidential primary format. This transition, recommended by former Senator Harry Reid after Bernie Sanders’ 2020 caucus win, resulted in a statewide primary and the adoption of a vote-by-mail system.

Despite the lack of competitive dynamics in the Nevada primary, Biden’s success underscores his increasing support, particularly among voters of color. The state’s position in the Democratic National Committee’s nominating calendar continues to wield influence, setting the stage for a closely contested general election in a state renowned for its political equilibrium.

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