Did Margot Robbie Produce Saltburn

“Saltburn” has garnered attention for its bold and provocative moments. The plot follows Oliver Quick, an Oxford University student who manipulates his affluent classmate Felix Catton into inviting him to the opulent Saltburn estate for the summer.

Did Margot Robbie Produce Saltburn

The film includes scenes that have left audiences surprised, such as Oliver’s unconventional actions like consuming Felix’s semen in the bath and dancing nude through the mansion to Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s ‘Murder on the Dancefloor.’ Additionally, a controversial scene involving a grave has sparked diverse reactions.

Questions have arisen regarding the approval process for such unconventional content. The unexpected revelation comes during the credits, where Margot Robbie is disclosed as one of the filmmakers. Social media is abuzz with people expressing their astonishment at the involvement of the Barbie star in the movie.

Margot Robbie, along with her husband Tom Ackerley and Josey McNamara, collaborated on the film through their company LuckyChap Entertainment. Despite the eyebrow-raising content, Robbie, famous for her role in “Wolf of Wall Street,” wasn’t caught off guard. She attributes this to director Emerald Fennell’s writing skills and the swift immersion of viewers into the film’s world.

Did Margot Robbie Produce Saltburn

In an interview, Robbie discussed a particularly controversial scene involving Barry Keoghan’s character and Jacob Elordi’s character’s grave. Robbie explained that the intentionally shocking script didn’t surprise her, thanks to Fennell’s ability to quickly set the tone and plot. Robbie described it as a ‘water cooler moment’ that people discuss weeks after watching.

For those who may have overlooked Margot Robbie’s name in the credits, the realization might come later, perhaps while grabbing a drink of water.SALTBURN

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