Dunki first public review out ! Is dunki good or bad , Top 10 reasons you must watch

Review of “Dunki” movie: Starring Shah Rukh Khan and Taapsee Pannu, Rajkumar Hirani’s film offers a heartwarming and delightful experience, making it a perfect treat for the entire family.

Dunki Movie Review : Top 10 things makes Sarukh Khan Movies a SuperHit

  • Five friends aspire to relocate abroad, embarking on a risky expedition due to lack of visas, education, and funds.
  • SRK’s portrayal of Hardy Singh Dhillon revives his romantic allure absent in previous films like Pathaan and Jawan.
  • The ensemble cast, including Taapsee Pannu, Vikram Kochhar, and Anil Grover, enriches the film with seamless blending of emotions and humor.
  • Director Rajkumar Hirani adeptly steers the cast, enhancing the appeal of SRK’s Dunki.
  • The unexpected chemistry between Taapsee Pannu and SRK adds a refreshing dynamic to the movie.
  • Vicky Kaushal’s brief but impactful appearance as Sukhi enriches the narrative.
  • Boman Irani effortlessly adds humor to Dunki, reminiscent of his roles in Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. and 3 Idiots.
  • The film adeptly balances humor and gravitas, eliciting laughter and empathy from audiences.
  • Patriotism resonates through SRK’s character, instilling pride in viewers and portraying the struggles of migrants.
  • Pritam’s music, complemented by vocalists like Arijit Singh and Sonu Nigam, enhances the movie’s appeal, showcasing Rajkumar Hirani’s storytelling prowess.

Dunki Public Review Out

Review: When Manu, who is unwell, expresses her desire to return to India, she realizes that only Hardy, also known as Hardayal Singh Dhillon, can assist her in coming back to the country she departed from years ago in search of better opportunities.

Dunki first public review out !  Is dunki good or bad , Top 10 reasons you must watch
Dunki first public review out ! Is dunki good or bad , Top 10 reasons you must watch

Twenty-five years ago, Hardy arrived in Laltu, a secluded village in Punjab, seeking the individual who saved his life. Instead, he encountered a group of friends – Manu, Buggu, and Balli – whose aspiration was to migrate to the UK for a brighter future. They attempt various methods to obtain an immigration visa, including learning wrestling and resorting to fake marriages and degrees, but unfortunately, fall prey to scams. Eventually, they opt to learn English in hopes of securing a student visa. It is during this time that they cross paths with Sukhi, who harbors his own fervent desire to journey to London. Together, they make the decision to embark on the journey.

Despite their collective efforts, when their visa application is rejected, their situation takes a bleak turn. Devastated by the turn of events, Hardy takes it upon himself to find a way for his friends to reach the foreign shores they dream of. They resolve to undertake the perilous ‘donkey’ route – a treacherous path for illegal immigrants. The journey is fraught with challenges and hardships.

The narrative of ‘Dunki’ is deeply emotional, weaving together themes of friendship, romance, heartbreak, and heartwarming moments. The tender love story between Manu and Hardy unfolds from Laltu to London and back. True to Hirani’s style, the film blends humor with satire, offering an engaging experience with a poignant message. However, the portrayal of certain issues may seem oversimplified, and the humor may not resonate with all viewers. Spanning across borders and time, the story explores the pursuit of dreams beyond geographical boundaries.

‘Dunki’ delves into the theme of unfulfilled aspirations and the yearning for a better life beyond one’s immediate surroundings. It delves into the belief that migrating to a first-world country guarantees prosperity, and the desperate measures individuals may resort to in pursuit of this dream. As the characters traverse continents, they confront challenges and come to terms with the reality that their envisioned paradise may not be as idyllic as anticipated. Despite its emotional depth, the film may meander at times, and its nostalgic charm may not resonate universally.

Shah Rukh Khan delivers a captivating performance as Hardy, portraying both the youthful vigor and mature wisdom of his character. Vicky Kaushal’s portrayal of Sukhi is poignant, while Taapsee Pannu impresses with her spirited acting. Anil Grover and Vikram Kochchar also deliver noteworthy performances.

The cinematography and background music contribute significantly to the film’s ambiance, with Pritam’s music standing out for its ability to enhance every mood. Overall, ‘Dunki’ is a heartfelt cinematic experience that resonates with its audience, celebrating the significance of embracing one’s roots amidst the pursuit of dreams.

Is Dunki good or Bad and Box office Collections

Opinions on “Dunki” vary among viewers. Here’s a summary of what they’re saying:

  1. Aakashavani: The first half of “Dunki” is entertaining with hilarious moments, setting the stage for an emotional second half.
  2. CineHub: Describes “Dunki” as a masterpiece that blends comedy, emotions, and patriotism exceptionally well. They praise both halves of the film, especially highlighting the last 20 minutes of the first half.
  3. Yogesh Rokde: Applauds Rajkumar Hirani’s storytelling skills and Shah Rukh Khan’s performance. Describes the film as a total entertainment package with a mix of light-hearted comedy and emotions.
  4. Neel Joshi: Considers “Dunki” a non-action blockbuster and a masterpiece, praising its emotional depth and engaging storyline.
  5. Sumit Kadel: Describes “Dunki” as a hilarious, emotional, and socially relevant film. Praises the performances of Shah Rukh Khan, Taapsee Pannu, and Vicky Kaushal, as well as the direction and writing.
  6. Charan Varma TM: Finds the film slow and boring, considering it the weakest of Hirani’s films. Appreciates Taapsee Pannu’s performance but advises against watching the film.
  7. NarendramodiPa: Gives a negative review, considering the film a disappointment with SRK’s performance falling short. Criticizes the pacing and SRK’s portrayal of the character.
  8. πŒπ’πƒπ•π’π‘πŠ: Considers “Dunki” a masterpiece and possibly the best commercial movie made in India. Praises Hirani’s direction and SRK’s performance.
  9. Ayaz Ahmad: Gives a five-star review from New Zealand, praising the film’s storytelling and historical accuracy, labeling it a timeless masterpiece.
  10. AMIR ANSARI: Considers “Dunki” a phenomenal movie and the best of Rajkumar Hirani’s works. Believes it surpasses “Pathaan” and “Jawan” and predicts it to be a mega blockbuster.
  11. George 🍿πŸŽ₯: Expects “Dunki” to be a sure-shot blockbuster, predicting it will sweep awards and perform well at the box office.
  12. CineSavvy: Praises the script, acting, and direction of “Dunki,” considering it among the gems of Hindi cinema. Applauds Raj Kumar Hirani’s direction.
  13. Amit Rahangdale: Expects “Dunki” to be a blockbuster, comparing it favorably to Hirani’s previous works like “3 Idiots” and “Munna Bhai MBBS.”
  14. SumitkadeI: Early reviews label “Dunki” as a blockbuster, praising Hirani’s direction and the performances of the cast, especially Shah Rukh Khan.

In summary, opinions on “Dunki” range from highly positive, praising its entertainment value, performances, and direction, to more critical, citing pacing issues and disappointing aspects of the film.

Box Office Collections

Dunki” Final Box Office Collections: Shah Rukh Khan Film Closes with $22M Overseas and β‚Ή425 Crore Worldwide

“Dunki” concluded its overseas box office run with just under $22 million. In the domestic market, the film amassed β‚Ή244 crore, bringing its worldwide gross to β‚Ή427 crore. While the overseas performance of “Dunki” ranks fourth highest in 2023, following behind “Pathaan,” “Jawan,” and “Animal,” its worldwide numbers also fall behind “Tiger 3.” Despite being a significant figure for a Bollywood film, the overseas earnings of “Dunki” didn’t quite meet the lofty expectations associated with a Shah Rukh Khan film, especially when compared to the performances of his other releases earlier in the year.

The narrative focus of “Dunki” on illegal immigration and the theme of homecoming theoretically should have resonated with diaspora audiences, a trend often observed in Punjabi cinema. Additionally, its release during the lucrative Christmas-New Year period typically favored box office success. However, clashes with other films like “Salaar” and capacity constraints during peak holidays in markets such as Canada, the United States, and Australia may have hindered its potential. Despite these favorable elements, the overseas box office performance of “Dunki” fell short of expectations.

“Dunki” performed well in Germany and Bangladesh, two strongholds for Shah Rukh Khan, although they are not among the largest markets. Australia and Canada also delivered strong performances, but there was room for even greater success, considering the significant Punjabi diaspora presence in these regions. The Middle East market underperformed compared to “Pathaan” and “Jawan,” largely due to differences in genre and subject matter.

Here is the territorial breakdown of the overseas box office collections for “Dunki”:

  • America
  • United States: $5,535,000
  • Canada: $2,325,000
  • Rest of America: $100,000
  • Asia/Oceania
  • Australia: $1,875,000
  • Bangladesh: $700,000
  • New Zealand: $330,000
  • Malaysia: $300,000
  • Nepal: $250,000
  • Singapore: $210,000
  • Rest of Asia: $300,000
  • Middle East
  • UAE: $3,525,000
  • GCC: $1,750,000
  • Saudi Arabia: $925,000
  • Africa & Rest of M.E.: $375,000
  • Europe
  • United Kingdom: $2,175,000
  • Germany: $535,000
  • Rest of Europe: $700,000

The total overseas gross for “Dunki” stands at $21,900,000. Note that the reported overseas gross is after the conversion of Canadian gross from CAD to USD, ensuring accurate reporting.

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