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Fact-Checking: The Truth About the Fake Gangster Movie in “Home Alone”

The talk about the old movie Kevin McCallister watches in “Home Alone” being fake is true. The guy who handled the camera, Julio Macat, spilled the beans, saying they made it up just for the movie. They even gave it a cool name – “Angels with Filthy Souls,” and it’s a big deal in Kevin’s tricky plans.

How They Made the Pretend Movie

Home alone 7

Making up “Angels with Filthy Souls” wasn’t a last-minute thing. Julio Macat and Dan Webster, the art director, spilled the beans. They shot the fake gangster movie in just one day, right before the real filming of “Home Alone” began. In the script, they casually called it “the gangster film,” and they got the name inspiration from a 1938 movie called “Angels with Dirty Faces.”

Getting That Old-Timey Look

Julio Macat shared some movie-making secrets about how they made the fake gangster movie look so old-fashioned. They used slow black-and-white film from Kodak, needing super bright lights to get it right. To give it that mysterious vibe, they went all out with strong backlighting, smoke, classic shutters, and even some fancy camera tricks. They shot it in a cold library in Lincoln Park, adding to the whole ’30s atmosphere.

“Angels with Filthy Souls” Ages Gracefully (Sort Of)

In a Hollywood Reporter story from 2020, Julio Macat talked about the challenges of filming “Angels with Filthy Souls.” It was a freezing day, and the place didn’t even have heating. But hey, they pulled it off, adding to the charm of the whole thing.

The Sequel to a Fake Movie

Guess what? The fun didn’t stop with “Home Alone.” In the sequel, “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York,” they brought in a pretend sequel called “Angels With Even Filthier Souls.”

So, bottom line – that black-and-white gangster movie Kevin watches? Yep, it’s made-up, but it’s also a cool piece of movie magic. “Angels with Filthy Souls” isn’t just a fake movie; it’s a crafty touch in a holiday favorite.

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