Let’s Talk About CHU (2024) Review

Embarking on the Hilarious Journey of “Let’s Talk About CHU”

A Fresh Perspective on Love, Sex, and Family Dynamics

Gear up for a laughter-filled adventure as the Taiwanese comedy series “Let’s Talk About CHU” makes its debut on February 2, exclusively on Netflix. Co-produced by Machi Xcelsior Studios and Lucky Sparks Films, this contemporary and heartwarming series, directed by the award-winning Remii Huang, promises an enjoyable exploration of love and relationships within the Chu family.

Unraveling the Chu Family Chronicles

The Chu family takes the spotlight on New Year’s Eve, as the series delves into the humorous and intricate themes of “love” and “sex” in their lives. Meet the youngest daughter, Chu-ai (Chan Tzu-hsuan), a wax therapist and host of a sex education social media channel. Guided by the mantra “make love, not fall in love,” Chu-ai navigates relationship complexities through a friends-with-benefits dynamic with Ping-ke (Kai Ko), who shares her skepticism about love.

Simultaneously, her older sister Chu-wei (Kimi Hsia) grapples with marital challenges alongside her husband Shi-chieh (Umin Boya), and her brother, Yu-sen (JC Lin), faces a breakup after being entangled in an unbalanced relationship. Amidst strained parental relationships (Miao Ke-li and Hong Sheng-te), the series unfolds Chu-ai’s journey to self-discovery, fulfilling her desires, and establishing meaningful connections.

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Director’s Visionary Approach

Director Remii Huang, drawing from personal experiences, brings a bold perspective to the screen, initiating conversations about sex—an often taboo topic in Asian cultures. The comedy drama fearlessly addresses contemporary relationship issues within the Chu family, emphasizing the significance of open discussions about sexuality for building healthy connections.

Stellar Cast

“Let’s Talk About CHU” boasts a stellar cast, including Chan Tzu-hsuan, Kai Ko, JC Lin, Wu Chien-ho, Kimi Hsia, Umin Boya, Miao Ke-li, and Hong Sheng-te. Kai Ko shared his excitement for the script, emphasizing how each family member represents different age groups and values, providing an intriguing exploration of life through the lens of sexuality. Lead actress Chan Tzu-hsuan echoed these sentiments, highlighting the uniqueness of the series and the touching aspect of witnessing each character navigate their own traumas.

Conclusion: A Comedic Expedition into Love and Laughter

In conclusion, “Let’s Talk About CHU” not only promises a laughter-filled experience but also offers a thought-provoking journey into the intricacies of love, sex, and family dynamics. With a stellar cast, witty storytelling, and a director unafraid to tackle societal taboos, this Taiwanese comedy series is poised to become a global sensation.

If you’re ready for a comedic exploration of relationships, mark your calendars for February 2, when “Let’s Talk About CHU” premieres exclusively on Netflix. For more insightful articles on entertainment and cultur

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