Lily Gladstone Contemplates Devery Jacobs’ Critique of ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’: “This Movie Offered Numerous Voices a Chance to Speak

Lily Gladstone Stands Strong: Defending Devery Jacobs and Unpacking the Impact of “Killers of the Flower Moon”

A Golden Globe Winner’s Perspective

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Golden Globe winner Lily Gladstone addressed the criticism her co-star, Devery Jacobs, voiced about the portrayal of the Osage murders in Martin Scorsese’s “Killers of the Flower Moon.” Gladstone, who portrays Mollie Burkhart in the film, took a moment to stand up for Jacobs, emphasizing the importance of allowing individuals to express their opinions, particularly when dealing with sensitive historical narratives.

Devery Jacobs’ Candid Critique

Devery Jacobs, known for her openness on social media, didn’t mince words when describing her experience watching “Killers of the Flower Moon.” Via X (formerly Twitter), Jacobs shared her visceral reaction, labeling the viewing experience as “hellfire.” Her critique delved into the emotional toll of witnessing atrocities against one’s ancestors on the big screen, especially with extended scenes of white characters planning and executing the murders.

Lily Gladstone Contemplates Devery Jacobs' Critique of 'Killers of the Flower Moon': "This Movie Offered Numerous Voices a Chance to Speak

A Native Perspective on Trauma

Lily Gladstone, echoing a sentiment that resonates with many Native individuals, acknowledged that Jacobs’ strong reaction is rooted in the trauma experienced by Native women when confronted with historically accurate yet distressing depictions. Gladstone’s insight into the emotional journey of acclimating to the script provides a nuanced understanding of the challenges faced by actors when tackling such sensitive material.

Friendship and Solidarity

Gladstone, extending a hand of support, shared her personal connection with Jacobs, highlighting their friendship that goes beyond the movie set. She disclosed that Jacobs had graciously hosted her during the Toronto International Film Festival, underscoring the depth of their bond. In the realm of Native representation, where solidarity is paramount, Gladstone stood firm in not wanting to subject Jacobs to undue criticism, respecting her unique perspective.

Osage Language Consultant’s Input

Christopher Cote, the film’s Osage language consultant, also voiced his opinions on the film’s perspective. While appreciating Scorsese’s efforts in representation, Cote expressed a desire for the narrative to focus more on Mollie’s perspective. His critique echoes a broader concern about the film leaning towards a white-led perspective, particularly centering on the character of Ernest Burkhart, sidelining Mollie’s pivotal role in the family’s tragic saga.

Osage Community’s Verdict

Gladstone, cognizant of the importance of the Osage community’s response, emphasized that their feedback holds the highest significance for her. Having recently made history as the first Indigenous actor to win a Golden Globe, Gladstone’s commitment to authentic representation resonates beyond accolades. The spotlight is now on her as a potential frontrunner for the Best Actress category at the upcoming Oscars, underscoring the growing recognition of Indigenous talent in the film industry.

Conclusion: A Call for Diverse Narratives

As “Killers of the Flower Moon” continues to spark discussions, it’s crucial to recognize the diverse perspectives shaping these conversations. Lily Gladstone’s defense of Devery Jacobs and her insights into the complexities of Native representation in film shed light on the importance of acknowledging and respecting differing viewpoints. The film industry’s evolution towards more inclusive storytelling requires active engagement with critiques, fostering an environment where narratives are enriched by a multitude of voices.

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