Netflix series launching this week sounds like brilliantly dumb fun

Netflix’s “Obliterated”: Unleashing a Spirited Twist on Heroism

In the realms of heroes, think of John McClane, Jack Bauer, and Batman. They all share a commonality beyond facing overwhelming odds—they tackled their challenges stone-cold sober, navigating on what might be deemed “easy mode.”

Unveiling the Plot of “Obliterated”

However, that won’t be the narrative for the protagonists in Netflix’s upcoming original series, “Obliterated,” scheduled for launch on November 30th. After successfully averting a bomb threat in Vegas, an elite special forces unit embarks on what initially seems like a mission to blow off steam. And boy, do they succeed. Yet, the narrative takes a turn when a call interrupts their revelry, revealing that their work is far from over. Now, in a state that could be described as absolutely hammered (and more), they find themselves tasked with saving the day once again. While many of us may have soldiered into work slightly worse for wear at times (T3 editors, take note—I’m speaking hypothetically), the stakes aren’t typically this high.

A Hybrid Blend of “24” and “The Hangover”

The series presents itself as a hybrid between “24” and “The Hangover,” promising a unique and entertaining perspective in a landscape saturated with generic police and army shows.

Netflix series launching this week sounds like brilliantly dumb fun

Big, Dumb Fun: The Essence of “Obliterated”

Despite a plethora of great original and clever comedies on Netflix this year, including a vampire political satire, “Obliterated” seems poised to scratch a different itch—offering an experience of big, dumb fun. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. If executed well, “Obliterated” has the potential to be unmissable TV, and the trailer certainly looks promising.

Pedigree Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes, the series brings serious pedigree to the table. Hailing from the creators of “Cobra Kai,” the Karate Kid follow-up series that made a successful transition from YouTube to Netflix, “Obliterated” already carries a reputation, boasting an impressive 94% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes and 92% from audiences.

Patience for Prestige: Netflix’s Offering

While Netflix consistently delivers high-profile series, the next prestige sci-fi installment from the creators of Game of Thrones might require a bit more patience. In the interim, for those seeking something to tide them over, exploring the world of animation could be a worthwhile endeavor, especially with the addition of the incredible Scott Pilgrim series to the streaming service.

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FAQs About “Obliterated”

What genre does “Obliterated” fall into?

“Obliterated” falls into the hybrid genre, combining elements of action-packed drama, reminiscent of “24,” with the comedic flair of “The Hangover.”

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Who are the creators of “Obliterated”?

The series comes from the talented creators of “Cobra Kai,” a show that successfully transitioned from YouTube to Netflix, earning high praise from both critics and audiences.

What sets “Obliterated” apart from other Netflix series?

“Obliterated” distinguishes itself by offering a unique blend of action and comedy, promising an experience of big, dumb fun in a television landscape dominated by more serious police and army shows.

Is there a connection between “Obliterated” and “Cobra Kai”?

Yes, there is a connection. Both series share the same creators, indicating a pedigree that bodes well for “Obliterated.”

What is the expected launch date for “Obliterated”?

“Obliterated” is scheduled for launch on November 30th, promising a thrilling experience just in time for the holiday season.

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How has the series been received by critics and audiences?

The series boasts an impressive 94% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes and a remarkable 92% approval from audiences, indicating a high level of anticipation and positive expectations.

Conclusion: An Exciting Adventure Awaits

In conclusion, “Netflix’s “Obliterated”: Unleashing a Spirited Twist on Heroism” is poised to be a groundbreaking addition to Netflix’s lineup. With its unique blend of action, comedy, and a touch of pedigree from the creators of “Cobra Kai,” it promises an entertaining experience for viewers. As the launch date approaches, anticipation is high, and the series seems ready to deliver on its potential.


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