Netflix’s 2023 Series “The Influencer”: Cast and Key Details

“The Influencer” is a Netflix series from 2023 that chronicles the experiences of Mariana Gómez, a woman navigating the complexities of fame, wealth, and romance while remaining true to herself.

the influencer
the influencer


  • Mariana Gómez, known for her roles in Arelys Henao (2022), La Ley del Corazón (2016), and Life Is Strange: True Colors (2021).
  • Juan Manuel Mendoza, recognized for his roles in La Traicionera (2011), Cumbia Ninja (2013), and La Ley secreta (2018).
  • Luna Baxter, acknowledged for her performances in Bendita Rebeldía (2020), La Ley secreta (2018), and Tarde lo conoció (2017).
  • Camilo Amores, distinguished for his roles in The Girl, the Hunter & the Firefly, Los Briceño (2019), and Narcos (2015).
the influencer
the influencer

Crafted by Ana María Parra and directed by Ricardo Coral, the series was produced by Caracol Televisión and has its roots in Colombia.

Release Date:
The Netflix series premiered on December 13, 2023.

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