Review of “Alexander: The Making of a God” – The Epic Journey Falls Flat on Screen

Unraveling “Alexander: The Making of a God” – A Comprehensive Review


The much-anticipated documentary drama series, “Alexander: The Making of a God,” took the streaming world by storm when it premiered on Netflix on January 31, 2024. Produced by Tailfeather Productions and Lion TV, the six-episode series unfolds the gripping narrative of Alexander’s quest for power and conquest.

Stellar Cast and Expert Insights

Brimming with talent, the primary cast, including Buck Braithwaite as Alexander and Mido Hamada as Darius, delivers compelling performances. Accompanying the stellar cast are renowned experts such as Dr. Salima Ikram, Professor Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones, and others, providing invaluable insights into the historical backdrop of Alexander’s journey.

alexander the great the making of a god
alexander the great the making of a god

Plot Synopsis

The series opens with Alexander’s self-imposed exile, a pivotal moment triggered by an insult from army general Attalus. Viewers are taken on a gripping journey through Alexander’s rise to power, culminating in his audacious confrontation with Darius III. The narrative skillfully weaves historical events with dramatized sequences, offering a nuanced portrayal of Alexander’s dominance over the Kingdom of Persia.

Critique: A Discrepancy in Depiction

Despite its captivating storytelling, the series faces criticism for the occasional disparity between expert commentary and dramatized events. While experts meticulously highlight specific historical details, the on-screen portrayal sometimes takes creative liberties, notably in suggesting a romantic relationship between Alexander and Hephaestion, lacking robust historical evidence.

Narrative Structure and Flow

One notable critique revolves around the constant shift between dramatization and expert interviews, causing disruptions in the narrative flow. The use of a dramatic narrator exacerbates this issue. Suggestions for improvement include better integration of expert voices during dramatization and a more effective use of the narrator to enhance cohesion.

Archaeological Insights

A commendable aspect of the series involves incorporating perspectives from ongoing excavations in Alexandria, Egypt, led by Greek archaeologist Calliope Limneos-Papkosta. This adds a layer of authenticity to the narrative, offering viewers a glimpse into the historical context.

Room for Improvement

However, the repetitive focus on the excavation site in Alexandria has been deemed by some as contributing minimally to the overall narrative. Striking a balance between historical insights and on-screen dramatization could elevate the series to greater heights.

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Conclusion: A Historical Drama Gem

In conclusion, “Alexander: The Making of a God” is best enjoyed as a historical drama series, offering a captivating blend of entertainment and historical intrigue. While not without its flaws, the series provides a visually stunning portrayal of Alexander’s journey, keeping viewers engaged with moments of humor and earnest acting.

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