Saltburn Cemetery Scene : Is Oliver involved in necrophilia during Felix’s cemetery scene?

Unveiling the Dark Depths of “Saltburn”: A Tale of Elite Parasitism and Moral Corruption

Exploring the Controversial Themes of “Saltburn”

In the 2023 film “Saltburn,” featuring Jacob Elordi and Barry Keoghan, director Emerald Fennell immerses audiences in the disconcerting world of elite parasitism, isolation, manipulation, and moral corruption. The movie, currently available for streaming on Prime Video, delves into the darker aspects of human behavior, providing viewers with a visceral and thought-provoking experience.


Plot Summary: Oliver Quick’s Pursuit of the Elite

The storyline revolves around Oliver Quick, a student admitted to Oxford University with ambitions that transcend academics. His objective is to infiltrate elite circles, with a particular focus on befriending Felix Catton. As their friendship unfolds, peculiar events transpire at Felix’s Saltburn property, climaxing in a cemetery scene that emerges as the most disturbing visual in the entire film.

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Decoding Symbolism: The Cemetery Scene in “Saltburn”

Greek Mythology Symbolism: Death, Rebirth, and Necrophilia

The cemetery scene in “Saltburn,” depicting Felix’s burial, is imbued with profound symbolism drawn from Greek mythology. Following Felix’s abrupt demise during Oliver’s birthday party, his family mourns the loss. The scene involves a stone-throwing ceremony, leaving Oliver in deep anguish. Felix, who had earlier worn angel wings foreshadowing his potential demise, is now laid to rest.

Did oliver kill everyone in Saltburn
Did oliver kill everyone in Saltburn

The pivotal moment in the scene occurs as Oliver, alone in the rain with Felix’s burial site, chooses to shed all his clothing, exposing himself and engaging in a disturbing act. This act overtly portrays necrophilia, a concept referenced in Greek mythology when Achilles fell in love with an Amazon after her death. However, in the context of “Saltburn,” Felix’s death symbolizes the termination of an unrealized love for Oliver and signifies the birth of a new era for the Saltburn property.

Behind the Scenes: Barry Keoghan’s Perspective on the Cemetery Scene

Barry Keoghan’s Take on the Controversial Scene

While “Saltburn” garnered mixed reactions for its intense scenes, the cemetery scene, in particular, stands out as an extreme manifestation of Oliver’s obsession with Felix. Barry Keoghan, playing a pivotal role in the film, offers insights into the scene and its conception.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Keoghan delves into the scene, emphasizing that, for him, it wasn’t about the explicit act but rather a depiction of confusion and dehumanization stemming from Oliver’s obsession. He characterizes it as a somber and profound revelation for his role, shedding light on the intricate emotions depicted throughout the film.

In Retrospect: “Saltburn” and Viewer Reactions

Addressing Viewer Reservations

Despite its critical acclaim, “Saltburn” did not escape scrutiny for its intense and controversial scenes. The cemetery scene, in particular, ignited discussions about the boundaries of cinematic portrayal and audience comfort. Keoghan’s interpretation of the scene provides a glimpse into the nuanced emotions explored in the film.

In conclusion, “Saltburn” stands as a daring exploration of societal dynamics, elite parasitism, and the repercussions of unbridled obsessions. The film’s audacity to push boundaries stimulates conversations about the amalgamation of art, discomfort, and storytelling.

Saltburn First Bath Scene

Oliver’s personal moment in the bathtub was one of the initial scenes crafted by Emerald Fennell for “Saltburn.”
A bathtub in “Saltburn.” Barry Keoghan and the bathtub in “Saltburn.” (Prime Video) .first bath scene in saltburn

One of the prominently discussed scenes in “Saltburn” involves Oliver witnessing Felix’s private moment while he’s in the bathtub. Subsequently, after Felix exits the room, Oliver goes to the extent of consuming his friend’s bathwater.

Fennell, who served as both the director and the writer for “Saltburn,” explained to Entertainment Weekly that this particular scene holds a crucial role in depicting Oliver as an “unreliable narrator.”

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