Shalom Brune-Franklin: A Rising Star’s Journey from Down Under to Center Stage

Shalom Brune-Franklin, an emerging talent in the world of TV dramas, has forged a remarkable path in her career. From the tense “Roadkill” to the gripping “Line of Duty” and the humor-infused “The Tourist,” she has demonstrated her versatility and captured audiences with her compelling performances.

From Fashion to Filming: A Glimpse into Shalom’s World

Setting aside the allure of Chanel jackets and sophisticated dresses, Brune-Franklin reveals her authentic self – warm-hearted and generous. She shares her delight at returning to London after an extensive filming period in Australia for “The Tourist.” Despite the challenges posed by the Covid variant, she embraces the lively atmosphere of the big city, especially the vibrant theater scene.

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The Tourist: Unraveling a Mystery Thriller

Brune-Franklin offers insights into her experience filming “The Tourist,” a mystery thriller for the BBC. The storyline revolves around a man, portrayed by Jamie Dornan, who awakens with amnesia in an Australian hospital. The expansive Australian outback becomes a character itself, intensifying the isolation experienced by the protagonist. Cinematographer Ben Wheeler skillfully captures the breathtaking landscapes, enhancing the visual appeal of the series.

UK to Australia: A Journey of Change and Reward

Departing from the UK to Australia at the age of 15 marked a blend of excitement and sadness for Brune-Franklin. Adjusting to the drastic changes in climate and lifestyle took time to feel like home. She reflects on the sacrifices her parents made to establish their family in a new country, expressing gratitude for the challenging yet ultimately rewarding experience.

Enchanting Moments in the Outback: Filming The Tourist

Filming in the South Australian outback, particularly the Flinders Ranges, left an indelible mark on Brune-Franklin. Despite the isolation, the mesmerizing sunrises, sunsets, and the vast sky created a magical ambiance. The unique opportunity to witness the Milky Way at night added to the beauty and eeriness of the desolate landscape.

From WAAPA to Stardom: Shalom’s Artistic Journey

Brune-Franklin’s ascent to stardom commenced at the Western Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) in Perth. Winning a scholarship established by Hugh Jackman, she emerged as the ‘most outstanding performer.’ Her blend of British self-deprecating humor and Aussie optimism caught the discerning eyes of casting directors.

Balancing Act: Work, Laughter, and Learning on Set

Having collaborated with seasoned actors since her graduation, Brune-Franklin values the learning experience on set. She emphasizes the importance of maintaining a lighthearted approach and not taking oneself too seriously. Her on-set philosophy revolves around infusing energy and joy into her work.

Looking Forward: Shalom’s Artistic Horizons

While details about her next project remain under wraps, Brune-Franklin hints at a venture that is both different and more theatrical. Reflecting on her journey, she acknowledges the significant personal and professional growth in her late twenties, bringing a newfound confidence and freedom to her craft.

Anchored in Roots: Family, Friends, and Home

Navigating the challenges of the past two years, Brune-Franklin finds solace in the connections forged on set. The isolating bubbles during lockdown and the grounding family time during “The Tourist” have been invaluable. Despite her rising star status, she remains connected to her roots, finding true happiness at home with a cup of tea and a captivating book.

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