Ten shows to catch on Netflix before they depart this month.

Netflix has exciting plans for 2024, bringing new blockbuster series and films, along with the return of favorites like Bridgerton, Emily In Paris, Heartstopper, and possibly Squid Game. However, in its usual fashion, the streaming platform is bidding farewell to several existing movies and shows in the coming weeks to make room for these new arrivals. Here’s what’s leaving Netflix UK in January and the remaining time to catch them:

  1. Paranormal Activity: This supernatural horror hit, along with its numerous sequels, follows a couple haunted by an otherworldly presence in their home, captured on camera. To experience the scares, make sure to watch it tonight as it leaves on January 11.
  2. Bros: After The Screaming Stops: The 1980s boyband, famous for their iconic style, made a comeback showcased in this unintentionally hilarious documentary released in 2019. If you were a fan of Matt and Luke Goss, you have until January 15 to catch up on their post-spotlight lives.
  3. The Terminal: Inspired by Mehran Karimi Nasseri’s true story, who lived in Charles de Gaulle airport from 1988 to 2006, this comedy drama by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks portrays a man from the fictional country of Krakozhia stranded at New York’s JFK airport after a coup in his home nation. It departs on January 15.
  4. The Client: Departing on January 15, this 1994 John Grisham adaptation is a suspenseful tale about an 11-year-old boy hiring an attorney to protect him after witnessing the suicide of a mafia lawyer. With a star-studded cast including Tommy Lee Jones, Susan Sarandon, Mary-Louise Parker, and the late Brad Renfro, it’s a classy legal drama worth catching.

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