The Grey: Did Everyone Survive the Plane Crash? Shocking Ending Revealed

Did ottway die in the grey

You’re right, that was a mistake. The Grey and Grey’s Anatomy are different works.

In The Grey, as you mentioned, Ottway’s fate is left ambiguous. The film cuts away before showing the outcome of his fight with the alpha wolf. The post-credits scene shows both Ottway and the wolf badly injured, but alive. So, whether he dies or survives is up to your interpretation.

Does everyone die in the grey?

No, not everyone dies in The Grey.

  • Initially, several characters survive the plane crash alongside Ottway. These include John Diaz, Jerome Talget, Pete Henwick, Todd Flannery, Jackson Burke, and Dwayne Hernandez.
  • However, throughout the movie, characters are killed by the harsh environment or wolf attacks.
  • By the film’s climax, only Ottway remains alive (with an ambiguous fate) facing off against the alpha wolf.
the grey
the grey

What happened to the plane in The Grey?

The movie, The Grey, doesn’t explicitly show the cause of the plane crash. We only see glimpses of what might have happened:

  • The weather: Throughout the scene leading up to the crash, there’s a heavy snowstorm with poor visibility. This suggests bad weather could be a major factor.
  • Possible mechanical issues: There aren’t any clear signs of mechanical problems, but the urgency and struggle the plane seems to be experiencing before the crash hint at the possibility.

Since the movie focuses on the survival story after the crash, the cause remains a mystery.

Why did the plane crash in GREY’s?

The reason for the plane crash in Grey’s Anatomy is never explicitly revealed in the show. However, there are clues scattered throughout the episode that suggest a combination of factors might have been involved:

  • Bad weather: The episode (“Flight” in Season 8) doesn’t show the flight itself, but the aftermath heavily implies bad weather conditions. The characters are stranded in a snowy forest, suggesting the plane might have encountered turbulence or lost visibility due to snow.
  • Pilot error: There’s no direct evidence of pilot error, but the lack of a clear explanation for the crash leaves this as a possibility.
  • Mechanical problems: Similar to pilot error, there aren’t any explicit signs of mechanical issues. However, the suddenness of the crash and the urgency on the pilot’s face before takeoff (as interpreted by some viewers) could hint at a mechanical malfunction.

Since the focus of the episode is on the aftermath and the characters’ struggle for survival, the writers might have chosen to leave the cause of the crash ambiguous, allowing viewers to form their own theories.

What did Mark Sloan die of on Grey’s Anatomy?

Mark Sloan’s death on Grey’s Anatomy was a result of complications arising from the plane crash in the season 8 finale. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Crash injuries: The plane crash left Mark with severe internal injuries, particularly to his chest.
  • Coma: Initially, Mark seemed relatively okay. However, the internal injuries led him into a month-long coma.
  • Ultimately, the injuries: Despite efforts from the doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial (formerly Seattle Grace Mercy West), Mark’s body couldn’t overcome the trauma from the crash. The medical team made the difficult decision to take him off life support, leading to his death in the season 9 premiere.

How did Mark Sloan die medically?

Mark Sloan’s Medical Cause of Death in Grey’s Anatomy

Mark Sloan’s death resulted from a combination of injuries sustained in the plane crash. Here’s a breakdown along with a table summarizing the key points:

Cause of Death: Complications from multiple traumatic injuries


  • Blunt force trauma: The plane crash caused significant blunt force trauma to Mark’s body, likely impacting various organs and tissues.
  • Specific Injuries (possible, not explicitly shown):
    • Chest injuries: This is heavily implied, as Mark experiences difficulty breathing and coughing blood after the crash. Internal bleeding in the lungs (hemopneumothorax) or major blood vessel damage could be potential culprits.
    • Head injury: While not a main focus, a head injury (concussion or internal bleeding) is a possibility considering the nature of the crash.
    • Other internal injuries: The crash could have caused damage to other organs like the spleen, liver, or kidneys, leading to internal bleeding and organ failure.


  • Initial Stability: Despite the severity, Mark appeared relatively stable right after the crash.
  • Complications: However, internal injuries can worsen over time. Bleeding, organ failure, and infections are potential complications.
  • Coma: These complications likely led to Mark falling into a coma, which lasted for a month.
  • Organ Failure: Despite medical intervention, Mark’s body eventually succumbed to the extensive trauma and organ failure.


Cause of DeathComplications from multiple traumatic injuries
MechanismBlunt force trauma from plane crash
Specific Injuries (possible)Chest injuries (internal bleeding, pneumothorax), head injury, other internal organ damage
ProgressionInitial stability, followed by complications, coma, and organ failure

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