Top 10 Loki Season 2 Theories

For those casually tuning into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) after the Loki finale, it might seem like a neat wrap-up. However, under the surface, there’s a bunch of wild theories buzzing around. We said goodbye to Kang, welcomed Loki as the God of Stories, and are hopeful for the return of the Original Loki. Here’s a breakdown of these theories and what they could mean for the future.

Top 10 Loki Season 2 Theories

The End of Kang:

They’re saying “This Is the End of Kang,” but we’re not sure if the Multiversal Conqueror is gone for good. Could Kang make a comeback in a different form due to his tricky time dealings?

Loki, the God of Stories:

Loki now holds the title of God of Stories, opening up endless narrative possibilities. This suggests Loki might mess with reality in a big way, affecting multiple timelines.

Return of the Original Loki:

The talk about the Original Loki returning raises questions about death in the MCU. Could our beloved Loki be back from the dead, and what role might he play?

Reality of Time Keepers:

Finding out the Time Keepers are real shakes up what we thought about the TVA’s creators. Knowing who’s really behind the Time Variance Authority adds mystery and makes us wonder about their motives.

Clones in the TVA:

The idea of clones in the TVA hints at a hidden layer of complexity. What’s the deal with these clones, and how might they mess with the Sacred Timeline?

Miss Minutes Is an Ultron Variant:

Claiming Miss Minutes is an Ultron Variant throws a curveball. If true, it could complicate the TVA’s origin story and their goals.

Renslayer’s Terminatrix as the True Big Bad:

The theory that Renslayer’s Terminatrix is the real bad guy hints at a deeper TVA conspiracy. As things settle down, her role might turn out more villainous than we thought.

Hunter X-05 Becoming Zaniac:

Hunter X-05 turning into Zaniac adds an element of unpredictability. How will this affect future storylines, and what role will Zaniac play in the evolving MCU?

Loki as Avenger Prime:

Saying Loki is now Avenger Prime suggests a big role in the future of the Avengers. How will this shake up the team, and what challenges will Avenger Prime face?

TVA Recruiting Heroes:

Speculating about the TVA recruiting heroes sets the stage for unexpected alliances. How will this impact the broader MCU story, and which heroes might get roped into the TVA’s mysterious business?

As we sift through the aftermath of Loki, these theories float around, waiting for confirmation or denial. The MCU loves surprises, and with the Multiverse Saga unfolding, each revelation is a stepping stone toward the next big cinematic moment.

In summary, while Loki Season 1 brought closure, there’s a wide-open door for new stories and unexpected twists. As we eagerly look forward to the next chapters in the MCU, these theories tease exciting possibilities in the Multiverse Saga.

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