“Unlock the Secrets of John Wick 4: Exploring the Stylish and Powerful Guns in Action!”

In Hollywood movies, they sometimes make mistakes with guns, like putting suppressors on revolvers or showing actors holding guns in strange ways. But there are times when they get it right, thanks to experts like Rock Galotti and Taran Butler who teach actors. “John Wick: Chapter 4” is a good example. Even though it’s a fantasy story, the guns in the movie look really cool and realistic.

Let’s talk about some of the cool guns you’ll see in the movie:

"Unlock the Secrets of John Wick 4: Exploring the Stylish and Powerful Guns in Action!"
  1. Custom GLOCK 34 (TTI COMBAT MASTER PACKAGE): They made a regular Glock 34 cooler by adding special things from Taran Tactical Innovations. They changed the grip, added texture to the frame, and gave it a special bronze finish on the barrel. It looks different with a black slide coating, a special trigger, and really good sights.
  2. TTI PIT VIPER: This gun was made just for the movie and is like the ultimate fantasy fighting pistol. It’s a 9mm Pit Viper with a big magazine, a built-in part to control recoil, and cool features like a fiber optic front sight. It even has a special stand-off part that looks like a blade.
  3. Thompson/Center Encore Dueling Pistols: In a scene where two characters have a duel, they use these beautifully engraved pistols. An artist spent a lot of time making them look amazing with gold bead front sights and fancy walnut boxes.
  4. Marlin 1894 Lever Gun by Mad Pig Customs: They used 13 Marlin rifles in .44 Magnum, but there were some challenges. The blanks they used had problems, so they changed the rifles to look cooler. Even though some parts are not available anymore, they look really cool in the movie.
  5. TTI Dracarys Gen-12 Shotgun: This shotgun is called the ultimate close-quarters weapon. It’s a 12-gauge semi-automatic with a short barrel, a special trigger, safety selector, and other cool features. It even has a special sight just for this gun.

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Even though Hollywood often makes mistakes with guns in movies, “John Wick: Chapter 4” did a great job making the guns look cool and realistic for the fantasy world of the film.

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