Unraveling the Enigma of Netflix’s “The Platform” Finale


Netflix consistently introduces us to captivating foreign films, and “The Platform” stands out as a noteworthy example. Helmed by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia, this Spanish thriller has ignited conversations, particularly surrounding its enigmatic conclusion. In this breakdown, we delve into the symbols, themes, and the reality that the film projects.

The Pit: Dystopia in Microcosm

Envision The Pit, a grim penitentiary where a descending platform provides each level a fleeting two-minute feast. However, the voracity of those above leaves those below famished. With 333 levels, it mirrors a dystopian society grappling with class divides, hierarchy, and survival challenges.

Deciphering the Message: Inferno or Real-world Strife?

Is The Pit an infernal allegory, a contemporary Dante’s Inferno? Or does it serve as a commentary on socio-economic struggles, reminiscent of “Snowpiercer”? The film’s deliberate ambiguity compels viewers to decipher its profound message.

Goreng’s Odyssey: Confronting Harsh Realities

Meet Goreng (Ivan MassaguĂ©), willingly immersing himself in The Pit with diverse aspirations. As he traverses levels and encounters figures like Trimagasi, Imoguiri, and Baharat, each shapes his trajectory. Imoguiri’s notion of “spontaneous solidarity” propels Goreng towards advocating for fairness in food distribution.

A Noble Pursuit: Goreng’s Endeavor

Armed with Don Quixote, symbolizing equal rights, Goreng endeavors to equitably distribute food. His collaboration with inmates above and below underscores his resolve to combat oppression. Did his noble pursuit yield results?

The Intense Descent: Unleashing Chaos

Goreng and Baharat’s endeavor to distribute equal rations triggers violent upheaval. What commences as a symbolic food gesture evolves into the revelation of Miharu’s concealed daughter. With Baharat’s tragic demise, Goreng descends further, contemplating the purpose of his journey.

The Ambiguous Conclusion: Goreng’s Dilemma

Goreng’s plan to return with Miharu’s child takes an unexpected turn with a hallucination of Trimagasi implying the culmination of his journey. Stepping into the unknown alongside his deceased cellmate, Goreng leaves The Pit’s fate in uncertainty. The film concludes with a blend of bitterness and hope.

The Rebellion’s Manifesto: A Critique of Greed

“The Platform” serves as a potent indictment of the ruthless nature of capitalism. With its distinct concept and rebellious theme, the film challenges societal norms, urging viewers to scrutinize the repercussions of unbridled greed and contemplate the potential for transformative change.

In conclusion, Netflix’s “The Platform” emerges as a thought-provoking exploration of societal challenges, delivering a resonant message through its enigmatic narrative and compelling character dynamics. It stimulates contemplation, even if the conclusion leaves us grappling with unanswered questions.

Is the platform a horror film ?

yes the platform is also a grisly gnarly horror film

What is the flatform about ?

The platform manages to be a grisly yet powerful indictment on the dog mentality of the capitalistic

How many people are in the platform ?

The platform Directed by Galder gaztelu urrutia , ivan massague zorion buale

Is the platform a prison ?

the aforementioned prison in which the platform is set is a society all its own harbouring a seemingly effective system of rules


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