Unraveling the Intriguing Plot of Indian Police Force Season 2


The suspenseful ending of Indian Police Force Season 1 has left fans on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating whether Season 2 is in the cards. While the official verdict on the second season remains elusive, my personal belief is that Rohit Shetty, the visionary creator, will not leave us hanging. Shetty has a knack for understanding the pulse of the masses, even if his filmmaking style may not resonate with everyone. Let’s delve into the potential developments for Season 2 and explore what challenges await the dynamic trio – Kabir, Tara Shetty, and Jagtap.

Rohit Shetty’s Unique Filmmaking

Shetty’s distinctive filmmaking style, characterized by over-the-top action and sometimes unrealistic scenarios, has garnered both praise and criticism. Recent films faced backlash for depicting extrajudicial killings, a theme not well-received by civic society. However, I contend that holding Shetty solely accountable for societal impacts might be an oversimplification. In a world where cinema sets various precedents, Shetty’s work, while controversial, may not be the gravest offender.

indian police review
indian police review

The Cliffhanger: Rafiq’s Looming Threat

Season 1 concluded with a gripping cliffhanger – the elusive Rafiq still at large in Nepal, evading the Delhi Special Unit led by Tara Shetty. Anticipating a new attack from this dangerous individual, the stakes are high. Rafiq’s ability to identify and manipulate vulnerable souls, exemplified by Zarar and Sikku, adds a layer of complexity to the narrative. Season 2 might witness Rafiq exploiting another innocent soul to carry out the Indian mujahideen’s agenda.

Navigating Season 2’s Challenges

Tracking down Rafiq in Season 2 won’t be a straightforward task for the Indian police force. Learning from Shadab’s mistakes in Season 1, Rafiq is expected to be cautious and strategic. The seasoned campaigner will pose a significant challenge, giving Kabir and Jagtap a run for their money. The pursuit of Rafiq may reveal additional masterminds pulling the strings, with a mysterious figure known as the principal lurking in the shadows.

The Global Syndicate and Border Challenges

Delving deeper into the plot, Season 2 may uncover a syndicate operating from outside the country, complicating matters for the Delhi Special Unit. Obtaining permissions to cross borders, as portrayed in Season 1, may present hurdles for the authorities. If the mujahideens are operating from the Middle East, the challenge of apprehending them and bringing them back to justice becomes even more daunting.

indian police review
indian police review

Kabir’s Personal Vendetta Continues

Kabir, fueled by a desire for revenge since Vikram’s passing, remains relentless in his pursuit of justice against the mujahideens. Even after capturing Zarar, Kabir’s mission is far from over. Despite potential advice from seniors to let go if the threat seems non-imminent, Kabir, supported by Tara and Jagtap, remains resolute. The struggle against terrorism is a personal battle for Kabir, transcending conventional directives.

Rohit Shetty’s Dilemma and Season 2 Expectations

As Shetty navigates Season 2, he faces the challenge of crafting authentic conflicts without replicating his previous successes. The cop-verse needs fresh narratives that distinguish themselves from his prior films. The allure of Sooryavanshi lay in the collision of cinematic worlds, a novelty that resonated with audiences. Season 2 must elevate the stakes, offering a more captivating and original storyline.


The anticipation for Indian Police Force Season 2 centers on resolving Rafiq’s looming threat, unveiling the enigmatic principal, and exploring Kabir’s unwavering pursuit of justice. Shetty’s task is to transcend Season 1’s shortcomings, providing a more captivating and original storyline. Only time will reveal if Season 2 can surpass its predecessor and deliver an unforgettable experience for viewers.

Indian police force review

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