Unveiling Exquisite Airbnb Getaways Inspired by Saltburn for Your TikTok Adventures


In the aftermath of the Saltburn film craze, where magnificent estates set the stage for captivating TikTok trends, the urge to replicate the sophistication and allure depicted on screen has surged. Fear not if you lack a sprawling mansion; we’ve meticulously curated a selection of eight UK vacation homes and manors that provide the perfect backdrop for your Murder on the Dancefloor TikTok routine.

1. The Manor, Temple Guiting, Gloucestershire

Location: Gloucestershire
Accommodation: 5 bedrooms, up to 12 guests
Price: £25,000 per night (7-night minimum stay)

This privately-owned manor, rooted in the 15th century, seamlessly harmonizes traditional and contemporary aesthetics. With garden views, a wood-burning fireplace, and a dining table adorned by a crystal chandelier, it sets the stage for your Saltburn-inspired TikTok escapades. The allure of a deep bubble bath adds an extra layer of luxury.

2. Henry’s Townhouse, London

Location: Marylebone, London
Accommodation: 6 bedrooms
Price: From £4,170 per night

Once the dwelling of Jane Austen’s brother Henry, this London townhouse emanates opulent Georgian glamour. Six refined bedrooms, art-clad hallways, and lavish sitting rooms create an ambiance befitting a period drama. Immerse yourself in the lifestyle of the elite and capture your TikTok moments amidst historical opulence.

3. Castle in Caldicot, Wales

Location: Caldicot, Wales
Accommodation: 5 bedrooms, up to 18 guests
Price: £650 per night (2-night minimum stay)

For a medieval touch to your Saltburn-inspired TikTok routine, this castle in South Wales is the perfect choice. Furnished with antique pieces and featuring spiral staircases, it transports you back in time. The wood and red hues provide a dramatic backdrop, ensuring your videos exude an air of historical grandeur.

4. Hinwick House, Bedfordshire

Location: Bedfordshire
Accommodation: 20 bedrooms, for 16+ guests
Price: From £3,282 per night

A country manor tracing its origins to 1710, Hinwick House underwent recent restoration while retaining its vintage charm. Lavish four-poster beds, crystal chandeliers, and a grand wooden staircase make it an exquisite setting for your TikTok endeavors. With a special offer currently available, seize the opportunity to revel in luxury.

5. Scargill Castle, Durham

Location: Durham
Accommodation: 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom
Price: £161 per night (3-night minimum stay)

Immerse yourself in medieval allure at Scargill Castle, built in 1560. The oak dining table and rich Tudor-inspired colors provide a captivating backdrop for your Saltburn-inspired dance routine. With dates available in mid-January and February, make this castle the stage for your TikTok performance.

6. The Castle Eden, Durham

Location: Durham
Accommodation: 11 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms
Price: £854 per night (2-night minimum stay)

Step into a Grade-II listed Jacobean castle nestled in the picturesque Durham countryside. With a dungeon, elegant staircase, and a large dining table accommodating up to 32 guests, The Castle Eden promises a regal atmosphere. Secure your stay for viral fame on TikTok, albeit at a price.

7. Manor House, St Albans

Location: St Albans
Accommodation: 9 bedrooms, for more than 16 guests
Price: From £1,550 per night (2-night minimum stay)

Transport yourself to a 15th-century manor in St Albans, offering a period feel fit for Saltburn’s eccentricity. With a massive wood dining table and rich red hues, this manor provides the perfect setting for your dramatic reenactments. The proximity to London makes it a convenient choice for a TikTok retreat.

8. Georgian Mansion, Kent

Location: Kent
Accommodation: 8 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms
Price: £955 per night (3-night minimum stay)

Built in the 1860s, this Georgian mansion in Kent boasts a tennis court, swimming pool, and opulent interiors. Capture your TikTok moments in large, art-adorned rooms with a piano, ensuring an extravagant experience. Note the 11 pm quiet time restriction, making it an idyllic retreat for a sophisticated TikTok escapade.

In Conclusion

Embark on your TikTok journey inspired by Saltburn’s cinematic allure, with these handpicked Airbnb havens poised to elevate your experience. Each location offers a unique backdrop, from medieval castles to Georgian mansions, ensuring your Murder on the Dancefloor routine is nothing short of cinematic perfection.

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