Viral Sensation: Captivating Tattoo Illustrates Emotional “Saltburn” Graveyard Scene, Inspiring Profound Reflections on Grief (Exclusive)

Tattooed Tales: Cheyenne Burris’ Bold Ink Inspires TikTok Frenzy

In the vast realm of TikTok, where trends emerge and captivate audiences, the spotlight has recently shone on Cheyenne Burris, famously known as @garbageinfluencer. At 28, this TikTok sensation has stirred a digital storm with her latest ink creation—a daring portrayal of the contentious graveyard scene from the film “Saltburn.” Garnering a staggering 2.5 million views, Burris documents the meticulous process of receiving this intricate black ink masterpiece on her upper thigh, all while sharing her unique perspective on the poignant cinematic moment.

A Cinematic Connection: The Inspiration Behind the Tattoo

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Cheyenne Burris, originally from San Diego and currently residing in Brighton, England, unravels the inspiration behind her unconventional tattoo. The genesis of this bold move dates back to her initial theater viewing of “Saltburn,” a film written and directed by Emerald Fennell. It was after her fourth screening that Burris decided to immortalize the controversial graveyard scene on her skin. Discussions with friends about creating flash tattoos for the movie’s most provocative moments further fueled her decision.

Bringing the Vision to Life: The Collaborative Effort

On January 13, Burris took a trip to Good Company Tattoo in Brighton, where her best friend and accomplished tattoo artist, Helena Gifford, played a pivotal role in transforming her vision into a tangible reality. Lasting approximately an hour, the process is still in the healing stages, emphasizing the intricacy and dedication invested in crafting this unique piece of art.

saltburn Cheyenne Burris/Helena Gifford
Cheyenne Burris gets tattoo of graveyard scene from ‘Saltburn

The Tattoo’s Symbolic Depth: A Beautiful Depiction of Grief and Romance

The tattoo, a collaborative effort between Burris and Gifford, serves as a visual representation of the emotional depth encapsulated in the grave scene of “Saltburn.” Described by Burris as a “beautiful depiction of grief and romance,” it illuminates the profound connection one can feel by being exposed to the soil of a loved one’s grave.

Mixed Reactions: Embracing Diverse Responses

Acknowledging the diverse range of reactions her tattoo has triggered on TikTok, Burris remains unapologetic in her artistic choice. From expressions of astonishment to admiration, the comments reflect a spectrum of emotions. Some express disbelief, while others suggest the need for actor Barry Keoghan, involved in the scene, to be aware of this unique homage.

“People’s reactions to my tattoo have kind of been like marmite, similar to Saltburn itself,” says Burris. She shares various opinions, from humorous remarks to more critical ones, asserting that her family and friends have been overwhelmingly supportive. Despite mixed feedback, Burris emphasizes that her tattoo’s personal significance is what truly matters.

Standing Firm: The Meaningful Expression of Art

As the tattoo continues to spark conversations online, Cheyenne Burris stands firm in her decision, exuding confidence in the meaningful expression of art etched onto her skin. Regardless of the mixed reactions, the connection she feels to the artwork remains paramount.

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