What’s New on Netflix in UK this Week

whats new in uk in this week

What's New on Netflix in UK this Week

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This week marks the highly anticipated debut of the Squid Game reality series on Netflix, where hundreds of participants from around the globe vie for millions of dollars. Looking ahead to next week, the arrival of December promises a host of thrilling additions to the streaming library.

Key Highlights of the Week: First and F

Squid Games (Season 1)

Following the worldwide success of Squid Game, the series has sparked numerous adaptations, ranging from YouTube content creators to experiences in Roblox. Finally, after a two-year anticipation, Netflix has introduced its own official Squid Game competition. In this contest, 456 participants from across the globe vie for the substantial grand prize of $4.56 million in cash.

What's New on Netflix in UK this Week

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Batman (season1) :The Animated Series

Episode – 65

Genre – Animation , Action , Adventure | Runtime – 23 Minutes

Cast – kelvin conroy ,Efrem Zimbalist Jr ,Bob Hasting ,Lorem Lester Mark Hamil

DC has always been really good at making animated shows. It all began in 1992 with the Batman animated series, which was awesome. This show set the bar really high for other superhero cartoons that came after it, like Justice League and Teen Titans. The reason these shows do so well is because DC knows how to tell interesting stories and make the animation exciting, keeping the audience hooked.

What's New on Netflix in UK this Week

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look away
look away from Netflix

Loook Away (2018)

Director – Assaf Bernstein

Cast  – Drama , fantasy , Horror (Runtime – 105 minutes)

Netflix just put a bunch of scary movies in their lineup, and one that caught my attention is “Look Away,” a teen horror flick by Assaf Bernstein. It stars India Eisley, whose mom is Olivia Hussey, the famous Romeo and Juliet actress.

The story is about Maria, a lonely high school student who switches places with her reflection in the mirror. But here’s the twist – her evil twin lets out all the built-up feelings she has against those who hurt her. see on netflix

What’s Coming in Netflix in December 2023 in uk

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