Who is bad blood written about

Title: Understanding Taylor Swift and Katy Perry’s Feud Explored in “Bad Blood”

In 2014, Taylor Swift was everywhere with her album “1989,” rocking hits like “Blank Space,” “Shake it Off,” and “Wildest Dreams.” The music video for “Bad Blood” from the same album was a big deal, getting a whopping 1.5 billion views on YouTube. Now, as Taylor re-records her songs, including those from “1989,” fans are excited about the new version of “Bad Blood.”

People think the song is all about Taylor’s falling out with Katy Perry. The trouble started in 2013 when some dancers left Taylor’s “Red” tour to join Katy’s team, setting the stage for the drama we see in “Bad Blood.” The lyrics hint at feeling betrayed, with Taylor accusing some unnamed pop star of trying to mess up her tour.

Let’s go back to 2009 when Katy invited Taylor to work together, and they were all friendly with each other, doing joint performances. But things got messy in 2013 when those dancers switched sides. Taylor directly accused some mystery pop star of stealing her team, starting the big public feud.

Who is bad blood written about

Even though Taylor later said “Bad Blood” isn’t all about Katy, Katy shot back with a tweet about a “Regina George in sheep’s clothing.” In 2015, Katy questioned Taylor’s stance on feminism, saying it’s a bit ironic to preach unity among women while having public fights.

The feud went on until 2019 when they made up in the “You Need to Calm Down” music video. They hugged it out, symbolizing the end of their public drama. In a surprising twist, Taylor even made a baby blanket for Katy’s daughter.

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In a nutshell, the whole “Bad Blood” saga shows how tricky celebrity friendships can be and how things can turn around. Despite all the drama, Taylor and Katy have moved past their issues, showing that showbiz conflicts don’t last forever.

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