Will Sharpe of ‘White Lotus’ to Star in Lena Dunham’s New Romantic Comedy Series

The 10-part Netflix series, named “Too Much,” is scheduled to commence in the UK in 2024. Published on Dec 12.

In the upcoming Netflix saga “Excessive,” luminaries Will Sharpe of “The White Lotus” fame and Megan Stalter, acclaimed for her role in “Hacks,” will assume the leading roles in Lena Dunham’s latest venture into the realm of romantic comedy. Comprising a decalogy, this production delves into the intricacies of linguistic commonality between Americans and Britons, featuring Stalter as Jessica, a diligent New Yorker in her mid-thirties who, following a heartbreak, relocates to London. In the British capital, she encounters Felix, personified by Sharpe, unraveling an idiosyncratic connection with him.

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Will Sharpe of 'White Lotus' to Star in Lena Dunham's New Romantic Comedy Series

The narrative artfully unwraps their odyssey, pondering the veracity of shared linguistic nuances across the Atlantic. Netflix characterizes “Excessive” as an expatriate romantic comedy for the disenchanted, contemplating the viability of true love while ardently hoping for its endurance. This opus is a collaborative brainchild of Lena Dunham and her spouse, the British melodist Luis Felber, promising a symphony of emotions in a milieu where lexicons intertwine but love remains an elusive pursuit.

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