‘Bramayugam’ first public Review out ,bookmyshow ! ‘I’ am your die hard fan Director Selvaraghavan expresses admiration for Mammootty’s

‘I’ am your die hard fan Director Selvaraghavan expresses admiration for Mammootty’s 

X Review of Bramayugam

Thirty minutes into “Bramayugam,” the theme of a black hole begins to emerge. The eerie, ancient ‘mana’ overseen by Kodumon Potty seems to welcome all who venture through its gates, yet none return, akin to the enigmatic nature of a black hole. Potty himself admits to having been cut off from the outside world for an indefinite period, raising questions about whether he has ever experienced life beyond the ‘mana,’ especially given revelations about his true identity.

Time within the ‘mana’ appears to stagnate, much like the temporal distortion near a black hole, causing occupants to lose track of the passage of days and years. Even in the dice game that Potty (played by Mammootty) challenges the latest visitor (Arjun Ashokan) to, time becomes the ultimate stake. Losing the game would consign the player to spend their entire lifetime within the ‘mana.’ Rahul Sadasivan plunges us into this timeless realm, portraying the struggles of those ensnared by the formidable Potty, who brooks no disobedience.


While viewers might expect a horror experience similar to Sadasivan’s previous work, “Bhoothakalam,” renowned for its innovative approach, “Bramayugam” takes a different route, presenting itself as a fantasy-mystery with sporadic, mild scares. The appearances of a ‘chaathan’ and an ‘yakshi’ fail to evoke much fear, as the unseen remains more terrifying, as demonstrated in “Bhoothakalam.” The most chilling aspect of the film lies in Potty’s sinister laughter and deep voice, convincingly portrayed by Mammootty. Though reminiscent of Bhaskara Pattelar from “Vidheyan” (1994) at times, Mammootty’s portrayal stands out for its distinctiveness.

Directed by Rahul Sadasivan, “Bramayugam” stars Mammootty, Arjun Ashokan, Sidharth Bharathan, Amalda Liz, and Manikandan Achary. The plot follows a young folk singer fleeing oppression who finds himself trapped in a dilapidated mansion ruled by a mysterious aristocrat, where escape proves as daunting as entry.

The decision to present the entire film in black-and-white enhances its visual appeal, evoking the primitive 17th-century setting and heightening the eerie ambiance within the decaying household. This minimalist approach extends to the narrative, focusing primarily on the three main characters, while secondary characters receive limited screen time.

Whats Good or Bad in Bramayugam Movie Review

Mammootty appears to be challenging Malayalam filmmakers to offer roles that not only push his own boundaries but also challenge audiences to step out of their comfort zones. In return, he dedicates himself to crafting characters that astonish, captivate, and leave us in awe.

In Rahul Sadasivan’s film “Bramayugam,” co-written with TD Ramakrishnan, Mammootty embodies Koduman Potti, the last survivor of a decaying, dilapidated mansion, with Siddharth playing his aide. Arjun Ashokan portrays Thevan, a low-caste singer seeking liberation from slavery, who unwittingly finds himself within the mansion’s confines, surrounded by dense forests. Koduman Potti is intrigued by Thevan’s singing and generously offers him shelter and sustenance, much to the disdain of Siddharth’s character.

As Thevan explores the sprawling mansion and its overgrown grounds, he uncovers its sinister secrets. Siddharth reveals that generations of the Potti family were tormented by a chathan (demon) until Koduman Potti purportedly imprisoned it. However, doubts arise regarding the demon’s true captivity. The latter part of the film delves into their efforts to rid the house of the chathan’s curse, but success remains uncertain.

The script, direction, and art direction by Jothish Shankar effectively cultivate an eerie atmosphere, instilling fear in the audience. Shehnad Jalal’s cinematography, coupled with Shafique Mohamed Ali’s editing, adeptly captures the hallucinatory horrors encountered by Thevan and his companion as they confront the demon. Christo Xavier’s music heightens the film’s

mood, with moments of melodic tenderness juxtaposed against its chilling backdrop.

Despite its strengths, the story occasionally falters in its narrative flow and clarity, with elements of class politics and religious philosophy feeling disjointed.

Mammootty mesmerizes viewers with his commanding presence, infectious laughter, and ability to convey terror. Siddharth delivers a nuanced performance, gradually revealing his character’s depth as the story unfolds. Arjun Ashokan also shines in his role.

“Bramayugam” not only provides spine-tingling thrills but also evokes the nostalgic charm of grandmother’s tales.

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