Review of “The Bequeathed” Season 1(TV Series 2024)

Unraveling Dark Secrets: A Deep Dive into ‘The Bequeathed’ – A Korean Mystery SeriesThe Enigmatic Whodunit by the Creator of ‘Train of Busan’ Tests Patience with Its Deliberate Pacing


In the realm of mystery thrillers, ‘The Bequeathed’ emerges as a captivating Korean series that intricately weaves family secrets, murder, and a mysterious burial ground. Crafted by Yeon Sang-ho, renowned for directing ‘Train to Busan’ and the Netflix hit ‘Hellbound,’ the show promises a distinctive fusion of suspense and atmospheric storytelling.

Plot Overview

The narrative orbits Yoon Seo-ha (Kim Hyun-joo), whose life takes a seismic shift as she inherits a family burial ground after her uncle’s sudden and mysterious demise. Amidst a crumbling marriage and a stagnant career, the revelation of her uncle’s bequest thrusts her into a dark and enigmatic world. Detectives Choi Sung-joon (Park Hee-soon) and Park Sang-min (Park Byung-eun) unravel a string of murders, exposing a family haunted by its own secrets.

The Bequeathed 2024
The Bequeathed 2024

The Slow-Burn Atmosphere

‘The Bequeathed’ distinguishes itself with a deliberate, slow-burn narrative, a departure from conventional thrillers. Yeon Sang-ho crafts an eerie atmosphere, immersing the audience in the despondent tales of troubled characters. Viewers must exercise patience as they navigate episodes laden with questions, gradually unraveling the intricate pasts of each character.

Performances and Production

Despite its deliberate pacing, the series boasts commendable performances from Kim Hyun-joo and Park Hee-soon, injecting restraint and believability into their roles. The mysterious dynamic between Yoon Seo-ha and Kim Young-ho adds an intriguing layer to the whodunit plot. The background score and top-notch production design contribute to the overall mysterious ambiance, enhancing the storytelling.

The Filmmaker’s Touch

Yeon Sang-ho’s influence permeates ‘The Bequeathed,’ despite directing duties being entrusted to Min Hong-nam. The series maintains Sang-ho’s signature style, offering a visual and thematic continuity reminiscent of his previous works. The infusion of Nordic Noir elements further elevates the show, with snow-covered landscapes and a palpable sense of isolation mirroring the genre’s aesthetics.

Unraveling the Plot

As the protagonist, Yoon Seo-ha navigates the complexities of her inheritance, introducing a compelling mix of familial relationships, professional struggles, and the looming threat of danger. The intrigue deepens with the revelation of her uncle’s possible poisoning, sparking a quest for the truth within the confines of the family graveyard.

Complex Characters and Relationships

The characters in ‘The Bequeathed’ are multifaceted, each harboring their own secrets and motivations. Seo-ha’s tumultuous relationship with her cheating husband and the emergence of her half-brother, Kim Yeong-ho, add layers to the narrative. Detective Choi Seong-joon’s independent investigations and strained ties with his superior further contribute to the complexity of the plot.

Supernatural Elements and Psychological Drama

While teasing supernatural undertones, ‘The Bequeathed’ leans more towards a serial killer thriller than a traditional horror show. The series adeptly blends elements of psychological drama, keeping viewers on edge with a slow-burning narrative promising surprising twists in later episodes.


In conclusion, ‘The Bequeathed‘ offers a unique viewing experience, challenging traditional thriller norms with deliberate pacing and an emphasis on atmospheric storytelling. As mysteries unfold and characters grapple with their dark pasts, the series presents a captivating blend of suspense, deceit, and murder. For enthusiasts of Korean mystery dramas with a penchant for Nordic Noir aesthetics, ‘The Bequeathed’ proves to be a compelling choice.

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